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Amaia Scapes Trece Martires will feature the best modern amenities that will enhance your way of living. Some of these amenities are mostly available only to higher-end, exclusive communities that are more expensive than the homes offered at this development. But in order to stay true to their commitment of improving the quality of homes that Filipinos can enjoy, Amaia Scapes Trece Martires has gone the extra mile in offering these facilities and amenities to future homeowners.

This house and lot development will feature the same development features available in Amaia Land developments. The first one is a guarded entrance with gate. This is true for the entry and exit points. This is to ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed access to the property. There is also a perimeter fence to ensure the security and safety of the homeowners from unwanted access.

To create the essence of a peaceful living community, Amaia Spaces Trece Martires have wide and open roads. These roads are also tree-lined to add more greenery to the landscape and provide a more relaxed atmosphere. Speaking of a lush environment, there is a patio green landscape all throughout the house and lot development. The landscaped garden serves as an extension of your living space so that you can wake up to a fresh sight, rather than to the noise of traffic and chaos of the city.

Amaia Scapes Trece Martires also has its own village patio. This is where you can go to if you want to enjoy the amenities and facilities available at the community. The village patio will have a pavilion, which can be used as a venue for social gatherings and special occasions. Homeowner’s meeting can also be held at this pavilion. Next to the pavilion is a full-sized basketball court. This basketball court is available for all residents to use and is a great venue to engage in your favorite sport, or get active.

The playground is available in the village patio for the kids to use. This is a great spot to enjoy the fresh air of the outdoor setting. It is also a great way to encourage your kids to go out and enjoy the beautiful setting of your community.

Another staple for the modern house and lot developments is a swimming pool. The full-sized swimming pool is the best place to cool off during a hot summer day. You can also spend your lazy weekend by the pool to lounge and relax, or to enjoy a swim. This is a convenient way to relax and unwind right within the community, eliminating the cost and stress of traveling to a nearby resort.

In addition to the community facilities and amenities, Amaia Scapes Trece Martires offer high-end unit finishes. Hence, the unit themselves are designed to offer modern convenience and comfort to the homeowners. Every house and lot unit utilizes modern design concepts that offer natural lighting and ventilation. At the same time, they incorporate an open space layout to provide generous living spaces.

  • Patio Greens
  • Village Patio
  • Pavilion
  • Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Playground Facilities
  • Guarded Entrance/Exits
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Elevated Water Tanks
  • Tree-lined Spine Road
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